Makeup For Halloween

Zipper Fx Makeup Kit

Makeup For Halloween

Some costumes are not complete without the proper Halloween makeup, luckily for you, The Costume King has all sorts of makeup kits, glitter, fake eyelashes, facial and body hair to make your costume extra special.

You can’t be a real Jack Sparrow without the beard and the eye makeup, right? Some costumes need a little extra, and you can get it applying the right makeup and accessories.

Make up is also useful to personalize some outfits, awesome makeup ideas for Halloween are combining that witch or vampire costume with the most realistic make up you can get.

For example, imagine how cool it would be being a vampire with a face tattoo, a demon with a scar or a zombie with a rotten skull! Other Halloween costumes need a little more effort, like those for theatrical presentations.

For those occasions, we also have everything your make up artist could ever need; nail polish, beards and moustaches of all sizes and colors, prosthetic ears, noses, brows, and even teeth!

Wigs are also part of the best Halloween makeup ideas; for those who are looking for a flashy look and for those who want to keep it simple with a simple outfit and a colorful wig.

However, our favorites are always those who take it a bit further and decide to dye their real hair with hairsprays, gels, and easy to remove dyes.

Those are the soul of the parties and if they swim deep into the Halloween make up spirit, can crowned themselves kings of the holiday!

Whether you are looking for a natural Halloween face paint or a more elaborated Halloween makeup for 12 years old, you can check our catalogue because we have prosthetics, fake mustaches, wigs, fake tattoos and much more for you!

All products are completely safe and high quality, perfect for adults and kids.

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