Wigs and Hats for Halloween

wigs & hats halloween

Wigs and Hats for Halloween

So you have the right costume, but feel like something is missing? Perhaps all you need is a wig or a hat!

Some people like to keep it simple and choose a cool Halloween wig or a funny hat to celebrate, and some others prefer a costume that looks better with one of those accesories (sometimes both).

Vampire costumes for girls, for example, look way cooler with a beautiful colorful wig. And some retro costumes look better with a steampunk hat or a fedora.

If you are one of those who like to dress up at Halloween but don’t have much time to look for a costume, you can stick to the safe choices; like getting an afro wig and wearing chilled clothes, or a Sinatra look which only takes a tuxedo and a fancy hat.

For women, a simple look for Halloween is a cowgirl costume, which could be limited to a pair of jeans and a white shirt with a western hat, or a devilish outfit, wearing a red dress and horns.

We know choosing the right Halloween wig takes time, but everything gets easier when you have a vast catalogue full of wigs for men and wigs for women with the craziest and most expected models!

Wheather you are looking for an afro wig or maybe a blue wig, you can now stop googling “wig store near me” because we have them all and ship everywhere!

And at the Costume King, you can also choose a crazy hat, a pirate hat, a witch hat, or something more original like Viking Horns, a golf beret, and why not? Chicken hats!

We are huge fans of Halloween, we know exactly what you need and that’s why it’s included in our stock. Everything from wigs, accesories, costumes, decorations and more! Give it a try and check our catalogue.


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