Horror Masks Halloween


Horror Masks Halloween

Is your costume complete without a Halloween mask? Of course not! But don’t worry, The Costume King has your back. Our catalogue has hundreds of scary Halloween masks to go with your creative Halloween costumes.

Cool Halloween masks are highly demanded on Halloween; some people choose to wear a simple outfit instead of a Halloween costume to make their masks the star of the night.

Why is so important choosing the right mask? First of all, because not all masks look nice. It’s okay if you want to be a terrifying werewolf or a nasty witch, but if people can’t understand what your mask is, then you are failing at Halloween.

Furthermore, you want to make sure you can wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable or unable to breath or see through it.

Certainly, creepy Halloween masks that go with a simple outfit are serial killer masks, zombie masks (mostly because you can wear your regular day clothes and just go out with the mask).

Not all Halloween horror masks cover your face completely, some look really cool just covering your jaw, Most noteworthy is the popular Twisty The Clown mask from American Horror Story.

Similarly, other half masks that look amazing come in zombie models, mummies, clowns, demons, and day of dead editions. They look great by their own, but will look way better applying some makeup on the uncovered part of your face.

Where can you find all these Halloween horror masks? Easy, at The Costume King! Our selection is for kids and adults, like the classic Plague Dr. Mask, Batman, terrifying Wolves, and some other cool masks you can’t ignore, like Trump’s plastic mask or the legendary Master Chief mask from Halo.

Check our catalogue for more incredible Halloween horror masks and other accesories!

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