Halloween Masks

Grotesque ghouls. Creepy clowns. Superheroes, animals, and hilarious animated favorites. They're all waiting to transform you into something you're not in this collection of magnificent masks! For Halloween , costume parties, or dressing up for a show or play, our wide-ranging selection can't be beat! You'll find many great ideas for pairing with full costumes or just wearing as a stand-alone mask here at The Costume King. All the must-haves are ready to be worn, from controversial political figures and video game heroes to horror movie villains and sci-fi superstars. With a star-spanning selection such as this, you'll save face at any party you attend! There are dozens of adult costume masks as well as Halloween masks for kids, including some unique choices that are sure to surprise. Try a fun foodie mask like a Pretzel or Taco, or become a Banana Man for a little extra appeal. Kids can save the day as Batman, Supergirl, or any powerful protagonist. And Mom and Dad can don matching masks to be the best-dressed duo around. Of course, we offer a graveyard-full of scary Halloween masks to put some fright into the festivities. Whether you're looking to transform into a phantom, a werewolf, a mummy, or a rotting zombie, just make sure to tell everyone it's a mask!

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  1. Invisible Mask Dlx
    was $8.25 Special Price $5.50
  2. Covid Mask
    was $40.23 Special Price $26.82
  3. Doj Batman Adult Mask
    was $10.97 Special Price $7.32
  4. Gas Mask
    was $11.12 Special Price $7.41
  5. Upside Down Mask
    was $75.15 Special Price $50.10
  6. Tree Witch Mask Latex
    was $76.25 Special Price $50.83
  7. They Live Latex Mask
    was $85.17 Special Price $56.78
  8. Vampire Super Mask
    was $139.27 Special Price $92.85
Set Ascending Direction

776 items

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