Infant & Newborn Costumes

infants and newborn halloween costumes

Infant & Newborn Costumes

We know what you are thinking, how would your newborn look like with the cutest ballerina or kitty costume? The answer is a mix between “OMG” and “lovely”, but better let your friends and family choose the expression.

Luckily for parents, infants and newborns still aren’t old enough to choose costumes themselves, so the decision is all yours! Which means, you have an important duty: choosing an amazing Halloween costume for babies that is also top quality.

You want your kid to look amazing but you also want him to feel comfortable; what’s the point of making him look cute if he is going to spend the night crying because the costume is too hot or itchy, right?

At The Costume King, you get to choose between dozens of our infant Halloween costumes. We have a stock full of ladybugs, cowboys, little monsters, bunnies, and many other beautiful costumes for kids that not only look awesome, but are also made of the best fabric; perfect to keep your children fresh and comfy.

Now that you have the right store, which Halloween costume for babies should you choose? Usually, parents choose Disney costumes for the little girls and Superhero costumes for the boys.

For the newborns the trend is animal costumes for babies and other cute costumes like an Indian costume, Snowman and little Santa.

Sometimes parents like to match their Halloween costumes with their children’s, something you can do thanks to our vast catalogue, because we have matching options! For example, if you and your partner want to dress up like pirates, your baby can be the cutest pirate on board!

And wouldn’t it be great if the whole family wore Ghostbusters’ costumes? Those are just some of the Halloween costume ideas you will find at The Costume Kind, what are you waiting for? Go to our store now!

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