Kid’s Costumes

kids Halloween Costumes 2018

Kid’s Costumes

Parents want them to look cute, they want to look awesome, we say: why not both? At The Costume King, we have many costumes for kids, from the super cool superheroes costumes to the classic Disney Princesses and US Presidents.

Halloween is that time of the year where our kids want to become someone else, they really want to feel like Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman! So why not spoling them a little with a fantastic Halloween costume for kids?

For them, unlike adults, is not about being original or being the center of attention when doing trick or treat, is more about connecting with their heroes or feeling like a real zombie for once. Choosing a costume for kids may be a tough because, as parents, we don’t always understand what they want, so it’s always better to ask them.

Some costume ideas for kids can be abstract, some children just want to be a giant pile of bats, snakes and mud; so your role as a parent is to propose some realistic alternatives like a bat costume for kids, perhaps a vampire costume or a creepy snake.

We understand is not an easy task, that’s why we have selected the coolest costumes for kids; now all you have to do is scroll through our catalogue and choose the best outfit for your kids! You can find dinosaurs, zombies, cowboys and cowgirls, pirates, Star Wars costumes, and original costume ideas like ice cream trucks, bananas, clocks and donuts!

We have a vast selection of superheroes costumes too! So don’t worry if your child wants to be Jack Sparrow or Belle form the Beauty and The Beast, we have all these costumes and more. We promise you and your children will love them at first sight.

The coolest part? We have so many designs that you can even find that costume you were looking for that school play that’s driving you crazy, give them a look!

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