10Ft Towering Reaper Animated

10Ft Towering Reaper Animated

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Add a real "Wow" factor to your haunted scene with this 10 foot tall Towering Reaper Animated Prop! The mood is set with the sighing, moaning wind in the background, as well as the eerie sounds of crows cawing, cats screeching, and owls hooting. His Turning Head and Moving Jaw are highlighted by his innovative Patented Digiteyes technology (Illuminated digital eyes that appear to look around and blink at you). The Reaper has a rich, deep persuasive voice that says his haunting phrases:

Phrase #1: "Hahah welcome to the afterlife! Beware all ye who enter here."

Phrase #2: "Go ahead and live a little, it is later than you think. I will be coming for you soon enough hahaha."

Phrase #3:  "Look who comes this way – and I thought I was trouble hahaha! It is almost time for me to take another soul – will it be yours?"

Phrase #4: "Before you are doomed, save the last dance for me, hm? We'll dance our way to oblivion, you and I. "

The Towering Reaper Animated Prop has a blow-molded head and hands, and his Chest Lights Up a glowing green. He has several Activation Options: Steady-on, Infra-red Sensor, or Step-here Pad. There is also a Volume Control that allows you to adjust according to your setting needs. Included is a Universal Adaptor with 4 interchangeable plugs, which works in USA, UK, Germany, and Australia.

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Part-Number 824570
Features Head Turns and Mouth Moves as he Speaks one of Four Dreadful Phrases
Patented DigitEye Animated Eyes
Green LED Light glows from within its Boney Chest
Universal Adapter with 4 changeable plugs; works in USA, UK, Germany and Australia
Includes 3 Activation Options and Volume Control
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Condition new