Halloween Props

Evil clowns, gory ghouls, animated ghosts — they’re all here in this collection of haunting Halloween props! Take your pick of our creeps and creatures to create your own custom haunted house that will thrill trick-or-treaters and party guests. Indoor or outdoor, you’ll be moved by our Halloween animatronics and frightened to tears by our premium props as you experience an unforgettable Halloween 2019! Transform your front yard, patio, or deck into a ghoulish graveyard of spooky delights with such affordable accessories as tombstones, skeletons, and creepy creatures rising from the ground. Or try our incredible inflatables, built to last and generate festive frights, from dragons and zombies to monsters and mystics. Plus, discover cute Halloween props to make the little ones smile at a family-friendly gathering. We also offer smaller Halloween props and accessories you can use to decorate windows, doors, tables, and shelves, including traditional (and not-so-traditional) witches, skulls, and pumpkins. But to really scare their socks off, try our premium Frightronics products, guaranteed to scare even the calmest of costumed visitors – or make them shriek with delight! Whichever terrifying theme you’re planning this year, trust The Costume King for the most popular Halloween props large and small, plus incredible Halloween animatronics around. It’s the ideal way to bring your decor alive…or dead!

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  1. Swinging Skeletal Boy
    was $249.36 Special Price $166.24
  2. Crawling Zombie Animated
    was $70.13 Special Price $46.75
  3. Puke Frightronic
    was $699.26 Special Price $466.17
  4. Sitchwick Sisters Animated
    was $357.14 Special Price $238.10
  5. Tombstone Skulls Foggy
    was $28.22 Special Price $18.81
  6. I Luv U Puppy Inflate 4'
    was $65.15 Special Price $43.44
  7. Animated Witch With Cane
    was $134.38 Special Price $89.59
  8. Animated Whimsical Witch
    was $255.00 Special Price $170.00
  9. Animated Graveyard Host
    was $484.16 Special Price $322.77
  10. Cat Ghoulie Puppet Prop
    was $255.00 Special Price $170.00
  11. Ghost Animated Lifesize
    was $110.03 Special Price $73.35
  12. Animated Ghost
    was $52.50 Special Price $35.00
  13. Animated Reaper
    was $48.33 Special Price $32.22
  14. Jack Stalker Animated Prop
    was $457.20 Special Price $344.80
  15. Alien 51 Prop
    was $139.27 Special Price $92.85
  16. Spooky Animated Sign
    was $47.25 Special Price $31.50
  17. Animated Death Row Prop
    was $208.05 Special Price $138.70
  18. Cracking Crypt Prop
    was $480.06 Special Price $320.04
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178 items

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