Adult Costumes

Adult Halloween Costumes

If you're looking for the Halloween costume idea that friends and family will wish they thought of, you've come to the right place! Choose from hundreds of lively adult Halloween costumes that range from throwback classics and comic book heroes to trendy video game characters and hilarious costumes that will leave the rest of the partygoers laughing all night. There's something for every costume lover here at The Costume King. Try a silly piggyback costume that has you bringing an instant "friend" along for the celebration. For intimate get-togethers, there are sexy adult costumes for both men and women, including traditional nurses, male dancers, and a host of spicy spooks. Some of our more unique Halloween costumes consist of dozens of dynamic men's suits, fabulous fantasy-inspired female costumes, and a collection of couples costume ideas you can share with a loved one or partner. Best of all, many of our selections are available in multiple sizes, from petite to plus size costumes, so you can be certain to find an ideal fit both physically and for your design tastes. Whatever you decide to do this year, let The Costume King help you rule the party! Go basic with solid color leotards and dresses. Think outside the Halloween box with a Christmas costume. Or pump up the gathering with an incredible inflatable costume. You'll find the ideal Halloween costume inspiration right here!

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  1. Flower Hippie Vest Adult
    was $15.96 Special Price $10.64
  2. Flashback 12-14
    was $52.11 Special Price $34.74
  3. Granny Wolf Adult
    was $92.06 Special Price $61.37
  4. Ear Buds Couple
    was $59.06 Special Price $39.38
  5. Mario Deluxe Adult 42-46
    was $81.04 Special Price $54.02
  6. Morty Adult Costume
    was $45.90 Special Price $30.60
  7. Space Jacket Ad Xl White
    was $51.44 Special Price $34.29
  8. Where Is Waldo Wenda Adt
    was $55.99 Special Price $37.33
  9. Blue Ranger Adult Helmet
    was $33.08 Special Price $22.05
  10. Summer Adult Small
    was $37.13 Special Price $24.75
  11. Cat Headband
    was $19.95 Special Price $13.30
  12. Boogie Down Adult Std
    was $47.79 Special Price $31.86
  13. Santa Hoopster Adult
    was $59.06 Special Price $39.38
  14. Ouat Emma Small
    was $40.50 Special Price $27.00
  15. Big Foot Adult
    was $80.16 Special Price $53.44
  16. Enchanted Ghost Ad Md/Lg
    was $52.52 Special Price $35.01
  17. Rabbit White Cozy Large
    was $76.25 Special Price $50.83
  18. Vampiress Adult Lg
    was $58.65 Special Price $39.10
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